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"The chief reason for studying regular polyhedra is
still the same as in the time of the Pythagoreans, namely
that their symmetrical shapes appeal to one's artistic sense."

H.S.M. Coxeter

Welcome to the Home Page of Polyhedrix, a site devoted to :

  • regular polyhedra ("poly"="many", "hedra"="sides/faces/planes"), more in particular the two basic groups of the Platonic and the Archimedean polyhedra. These are elementary three-dimensional geometric objects built from triangles, squares, pentagons etc...
  • geometric sculpture, also called abstract, symbolic or mathematical sculpture.

In addition this site serves as :

  • a pointer to the Logical Geometry site of Lorenz Demey (logician) and Hans Smessaert (formal semanticist).
  • the home for:
    • the Pick-your-own-flower-garden of Fleur Locale in Kessel-Lo (Leuven)
    • the British-Irish folk music of the Leuven-based trio Fergus (Dutch and English)
    • the bronze and terracotta sculptures of Mon Smessaert (Dutch only)